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Linda Millar linmillar@comcast.net

Park District Liaison
Lisa Schroeder lschroeder@palatineparks.org

Looking to Volunteer?

PAFA Spirit is always looking for creative and enthusiastic volunteers -- please contact linmillar@comcast.net  if you are interested in joining the PAFA team.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is PAFA Spirit Cheer ?

We are a cheer  sports program open to athletes in Grades 1-8. We cheer or perform at  football games in support of PAFA Football and teams compete in local competitions. Our program is designed to prepare athletes for junior high and high school cheer or poms.

The sport of cheerleading includes sideline cheers, stunting, motions, jumps, halftime routines and competition routines. It is open to athletes in grades 1-8. 

We have  offered the sport of poms and flags in the past. When offered, they are open to athletes in grades 6-8.

Is this a competitive cheerleading  organization?

We are a recreational sports league for cheer .   When offered, our  squads compete locally in the Fall during our season  with an additional opportunity to compete at a STATE competition in December.

At what age can my athlete participate in PAFA Spirit?

PAFA Cheer is for athletes going into grades 1-8. 

When does the PAFA Spirit season begin?

Our fall  season begins in July.  Practices are held two to three times a week in July and August and once a week once school starts. Regular season football games begin in late August and go into the beginning of November. Football cheer will cheer the whole season


When is my athlete sized for the uniform?

Uniforms are available for sideline athletes in 3rd-8th grade. Athletes are fitted during the first week of practice. A uniform deposit check of $125 must be received in order to receive uniform.

What should my athlete wear for Sizing?

Cheer shorts and a t-shirt .

What if I miss Sizing?

If  your athlete misses -  sizing will be the following week by appointment . There is a $25 sizing charge for this.


When do I purchase my athletes supplies?

Supplies are purchased on line. A link will be provided in May or June.

When do I receive thesupplies?

Supplies are usually received during the first week of practice.


What makes up the  uniform?

The uniform deposit covers the PAFA skirt and the PAFA shell. The complete uniform is the PAFA skirt, PAFA shell, PAFA hair bow, white no show socks and white cheer shoes. In the winter, a PAFA  turtle neck crop top is worn as well as PAFA warm ups, black ear warmer headband and black gloves. 

When does my athlete receive the uniform?

Uniforms are handed out during the first 2 weeks of practice.

How should the uniform be washed and dried?

Uniforms can be washed in the washing machine in cold water, on the gentle setting. To preserve the uniform, DO NOT PUT IN DRYER. Please lay both the shell and the skirt out flat to dry. Do NOT dry clean, spot treat,  or iron.

When should the uniform be worn?

Your athlete should always and only wear the uniform to PAFA football games and to competitions.

My daughters skirt does not fit right.

The skirts are designed to sit at the waist and this means at the belly button. Please make sure the skirt is pulled up to the belly button and then assess the fit. You should be able to put two fingers into the waist band.

The shell does not cover the stomach, should we have a larger size?

Shells get wider not longer as you go up a size. Please make sure the skirt is pulled up to the belly button and this should alleviate the problem. We recommend a black camisole for all girls so that the stomach does not show.

What should I do if the uniform still doesn't fit right?

Please notify your squad's team manager and she will address the problem.


When is picture day?

Picture day is scheduled for early in the season. Information will be provided during the first week of practice.  Make ups are not available. 

What does my athlete wear?

Your athlete will wear the assigned PAFA uniform.  PAFA shell, skirt, boy shorts, white no-show socks and cheer shoes. Hair may be worn any way for pictures.


Do you put multiple grade levels on the same cheer squad?

Based on registrations, multi-age squads may be formed.

Do you honor special requests?

There is a place on the registration to note special requests. We try to honor special requests whenever possible however there are many other factors that determine squad placement and this may not always be possible.

How and when do I find out what squad my athlete is on?

Squad assignments are usually emailed in July.


How are the teams coached?

The teams are coached by high school cheerleaders  under the supervision of a PAFA Team parent. All practices are attended by PAFA Team Parents (volunteers from each grade level) to ensure the safety of all participants.

How many times per week will my athlete practice?

Teams  will practice 2-3 times a week. until school starts. Squads will practice one day a week once school starts.

When will I know what day(s) my athlete will practice?

Practice days are usually announced in July with your squad assignment email. They are subject to change in late August/early September depending on space availability and coaches schedules although we try not to do this.

What should my athlete wear to practice?

Your cheerleader should wear the PAFA t-shirt or another close fitting t-shirt, cheer shoes, and cheer shorts. Long shorts are a safety hazard for stunting and are not allowed. Jewelry and earrings are not allowed.

How should  hair be worn?

All hair is to be tied back securely in a pony tail. Fly aways and bangs are not allowed. Please use flat push clips or bobby pins.


How do I communicate with my athletes coach?

All communication with the squad coaches is to be done through your squads Team Parent or the PAFA Spirit President

BANQUET (when offered)

What is the banquet?

The banquet is an annual event that is held to celebrate the successful completion of the season.

When is the banquet?

The banquet is held in November or January. Please see our calendar for exact date.

Is there a dress code?

There is not a dress code however the banquet is a celebration so participants normally wear party attire dresses, skirts, slacks, etc.

Are there assigned seats?

Tables are assigned by squad. Each squad will sit together and the parents of each squad will sit together.

Can more than one parent attend the PAFA banquet?

Yes, most of the time.

If I have more than one child participating in PAFA can more than one parent attend the PAFA banquet?

If more than one child is participating in PAFA then both parents can definitely attend. The parents will be split up and each parent will sit at the table that represents each child's squad.


Does PAFA Spirit participate in any Palatine parades?

We have participated in the St. Patrick's Day Parade and  in the 4th of July Parade. Participation is determined each year. Information is provided via email to parents.